Laser Cutting

Looking to increase the speed and turnaround times back in 2016 led Fairdeal to invest in a 3kW LVD 3000 x 1500 CO2 laser cutter.

Laser cutting has the advantage over other steel cutting methods of greater precision and is capable of cutting steel parts at tolerances of 0.1 of a millimetre. The technology is also able to cut multiple parts accurately at high-speed, incorporating small holes and cut outs, therefore reducing the need for further machining.

Fairdeal’s 3kW laser cutter is able to take a sheet size of up to 3000 x 1500, cutting the following material types:

  • 1mm to 12mm mild steel
  • 1mm to 6mm aluminium
  • 1mm to 6mm stainless steel

A comprehensive stock range of hot rolled mild steel materials in grades S275 and S355, as well as stainless steels and alloys, allows us to proceed with projects without waiting for stock to be ordered in and delivered. All our materials are responsibly sourced and have full traceability in accordance with ISO 9001: 2015.

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Our cutting machines are programmed by our in-house CAD department, improving both accuracy and efficiency. Profile programming can be developed from a sample, technical drawing, or even a sketch.

We are happy to process your own CAD drawings and import them into our own system in DXF, DWG and IGES formats. This is the perfect way to ensure you get exactly what you want, as it limits the potential for human error or incorrect specification during pre-production.

We utilise Sigma Nest CAD software which enables us to get the most from the materials by strategically nesting and interlocking parts together, as well as recording the left-over material in a database for future use and ensuring traceability is maintained.

Sigma Nest CAD software

Services Available


Fairdeal have a wealth of welding experience across a wide range of projects and materials, including carbon steels, stainless steels, alloys, cast-iron, and more.

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A cost-efficient method of cutting ferrous metals that has been used extensively at Fairdeal since the company’s inception.

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Over 50 years experience. This process facilitates a high rate of material removal with large areas of material precision machined without leaving any witness lines.

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Sheet Metal Work

The sheet metal team here at Fairdeal Fabrications delivers precision and accuracy, no matter the complexity of the task, working to incredibly tight tolerances.

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Looking to increase the speed and turnaround times back in 2016 led Fairdeal to invest in a 3kW LVD 3000 x 1500 CO2 laser cutter.

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